The new polyisocyanurate plant in Canada is progressing well


In March 2013, SOPREMA announced the construction of its first polyisocyanurate manufacturing plant in North America. Less than two years after the groundbreaking ceremony, the project is progressing in a timely manner so the company can serve the market by the summer of 2015.

Located in Drummondville, at the junction of Highways 20 and 55, the new 250,000 ft2 plant is being constructed on a land lot of approximately 1.5 million ft2 . The first equipment pieces, including a giant conveyor and eight tanks, were delivered in the fall of 2014. Machines and containers will be installed through March, and office employees will be able to move into their new premises late February.

A Green Plant

In terms of sustainable development, the project team has put a lot of effort into adopting eco-friendly construction and development practices: solar walls, LED lighting, white roofing, charging stations for electric cars, rainwater management, an improved ventilation system, energy efficiency, use of local materials, and replacement of paving asphalt with light-coloured roller-compacted concrete to reduce heat islands and more.

As a result of taking these actions that will minimize environmental impacts, SOPREMA hopes to obtain a LEED Gold certification for this plant.

The Most Efficient Insulation Material on the Market

Polyisocyanurate is an insulation material (hydrophobic closed-cell foam) manufactured in flat, rigid panels coated on both sides. This product with high thermal resistance is used for many purposes, including roof insulation. Indeed, the polyisocyanurate is currently the best product on the market to meet climatic requirements of commercial, institutional and industrial buildings.

Thanks to this major project, SOPREMA will increase its presence in the marketplace by offering comprehensive roof waterproofing solutions to its customers, reinforcing its current position as a market leader.

This project – totaling $43 million ($32.7 million in capital assets) – will create 56 jobs, and more than 100 jobs will be generated with local transportation companies.


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