SOPREMA continues its internal growth

SOPREMA continues its internal growth with the construction of four insulation materials and waterproofing membranes factories.

With almost € 86 million in investment, SOPREMA strengthens its competitive position in the insulation and sealing market. With this strategy, the French company contributes to boost the economy and create jobs all over the world.

SOPREMA is one of the top multinational companies in the field of waterproofing. Specialist of coverage, undercoats and phonic insulation, SOPREMA announce today the construction of four new factories in France, Germany and Canada.

An industrial development who serves to the expanding strategy of the SOPREMA group’s offer.

Increase production thanks to an important industrial investment will enable the group to increase its production capacity and pursue its expansion by conquering new markets in France and internationally.

The strengthening of the building regulation limiting the primary consumption of the building and the overview of the low-energy buildings, will position SOPREMA as a significant player in the thermal performance of buildings device.

An investment that illustrates an active contribution to the industrialization of the territories, but also, a desire to reduce the carbon footprint of the new production sites.

In France, an extruded polystyrene factory will see the light in 2015.

After the investment in the creation of an insulation cellulose factory in 2005 and the development of a new activity in the polyurethane insulation in 2010 in France, SOPREMA will build its first industrial site dedicated to the extruded polystyrene insulation production. The factory will be built on a 43,056 sq ft, on a 8-hectare site, 62 miles South of Paris. This project represents an investment of € 15 million and will employ 40 people. Production is expected at the end of year 2015. SOPREMA Group invests in his production plants to expand its insulation products offer (roofs, walls and underground walls).

New factories construction

In Germany, 2 factories with reduced carbon footprint are being built. The first for the bituminous membranes production and the second for polyurethane insulation manufacture.

SOPREMA finish the construction of a ‘100 % saving energy’ factory dedicated to the bituminous waterproofing systems production that will be operational in April, 2015 in Germany. It will employ 45 people for a project value of € 23 million.

The second factory, located on the same site, is expected for the second semester of 2016. The cost of the project will be € 20 million and 40 employees will work in it.

Both factories will be models in terms of sustainable development as they will benefit from all the latest innovations of energy consumption and power generation (photovoltaic, wind, water collection…). SOPREMA will build the first factory in Germany that will use all the renewable energies: solar, wind and hydro. 100% of electricity production will be green. 40 to 50% of the needs will be covered by self-generation. Solar energy will be produced by a photovoltaic system on the roofs of the site. Heat recovery generated by the production line will be redistributed in the factory and will allow to be self-heating a large portion of the year. Wind power will be provided by the two wind turbines of 70 m. They will be able to deliver about 1 MW of energy. Hydro power will be generated in a large storage basin containing 1 million liters of water. In summer, the water will be cooled by the excess of solar energy production and will eventually cool the machines during three days without using the conventional cooling machines. Moreover, the site will be equipped with green roofs whose benefits have been well proven (stormwater management, biodiversity, remediation…). This new pilot factory will used all the new green technologies.

In Canada, a high environmental quality factory dedicated to the insulation product will complement the two existing asphalt factories. This factory candidate for the LEED Canada certification for the GOLD LEED.

The startup of the Canadian factory is expected at the end of the year 2015. Project costs are estimated at $ CAD 40 million or € 28 million. It will start its activity with 20 people.

To meet the environmental criteria and to be eligible for the GOLD LEED level, certain criteria had been taken into account during the construction and the design of the site as:

  • The implementation of good construction practice by the use of regional materials,
  • The good management of building waste,
  • The generation of electricity with solar energy produced by solar panels on the walls,
  • The implementation of a low emissivity coating for parking which reduces urban heat,
  • The implementation of a COOL ROOF SOPREMA solution on the roof to refresh the indoor temperature in summer,
  • The efficient management of rainwater through landscaping.

With four additional factories, SOPREMA Group shows its ability to innovate and invest to keep moving forward and is open to taking on new challenges while respecting environment.